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Eclipse shortcuts

Eclipse shortcuts

In this tutorial we will see about few important Eclipse shortcut keys and their uses. In practice most of the time using mouse to choice our operations  will cause more time and it may reduce productivity. Not only in Eclipse using shortcuts in any application or OS level will be preferable which will save time and to perform task more faster. 
In Windows most common shortcuts which we are familiar like Select All ( Ctrl + A ), Cut ( Ctrl + X), Copy ( Ctrl + C) and Paste ( Ctrl + V ).  Even in Eclipse they have followed same shortcuts for Select All, Cut, Copy and Paste. Apart from these shortcuts there are lot of keys which will be useful when we programming. Lets see those shortcuts with their usage, 

File Operation Shortcuts:

Create New File Ctrl+N
New Popup Menu Alt+Shift+N
Open Properties Window Alt+Enter
File Refresh F5
File Rename (First Select file) F2
Print Current File/Program Ctrl+P
Save File Ctrl+S
Save All File Ctrl+Shift+S
Close Current Tab Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4
Close All Open Tab Ctrl+Shift+W or Ctrl+Shift+F4
Exit Eclipse Alt+F4

Program Window Operation Shortcuts:

Maximize Active Tab/Window Ctrl+M
Select Next Tab/Window Ctrl+F6
Reset Perspective Ctrl+F8
Open Views window Ctrl+F7
Open Editor Drop Down Window Ctrl+E
Previous Edited Window Ctrl+Shift+F6
Previous Perspective Ctrl+Shift+F8
Previous View Ctrl+Shift+F7
Show Ruler Context Menu Ctrl+F10
Show System Menu Alt+-
Show View Menu Ctrl+F10
Open Switch to Editor Window Ctrl+Shift+E

File Edit Operation Shortcuts:

Select All Ctrl+A
Select Enclosing Element Alt+Shift+Up
Select Next Element Alt+Shift+Right
Select Previous Element Alt+Shift+Left
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Delete Delete
Delete Line Ctrl+D
Delete Next Word Ctrl+Delete
Delete Previous Word Ctrl+Backspace
Find and Replace Ctrl+F
Find Next Ctrl+K
Find Previous Ctrl+Shift+K
Context Information Ctrl+Shift+Space
Incremental Find Ctrl+J
Incremental Find Reverse Ctrl+Shift+J
Quick Diff Toggle Ctrl+Shift+Q
Quick Fix Ctrl+1
Restore Last Selection Alt+Shift+Down
Toggle Insert Mode Ctrl+Shift+Insert
Content Assist Ctrl+Space
Duplicate Lines Ctrl+Alt+Up
Insert Line Above Current Line Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Insert Line Below Current Line Shift+Enter
Move Lines Down Alt+Down
Move Lines Up Alt+Up
Next Word Ctrl+Right
Previous Word Ctrl+Left
Scroll Line Down Ctrl+Down
Scroll Line Up Ctrl+Up
Select Next Word Ctrl+Shift+Right
Select Previous Word Ctrl+Shift+Left
To Lower Case Ctrl+Shift+Y
To Upper Case Ctrl+Shift+X
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y

Build & Run Operation Shortcuts:

Build All Ctrl+B
Run Ctrl+F11
Debug F11
Display Ctrl+Shift+D
Execute Ctrl+U
Inspect Ctrl+Shift+I
Resume F8
Run Last Launched Ctrl+F11
Run to Line Ctrl+R
Toggle Breakpoint Ctrl+Shift+B
Use Step Filters Shift+F5